Everything South City was founded in 2009 in response to the hunger from our community for real time information by those who live here. And work here.

As our city continues to grow we are losing the small town feeling that once made everyone feel connected, no matter in which neighborhood they lived.  In bygone days the Enterprise Journal was our local independent news and we took great pride in being showcased by our own, to our own, and beyond.  The San Mateo Daily Journal is our last source of independent news and while they do a great job of covering the county, there are many highlights in our local lives that call for attention.

Everything South City, aka ESC, started as a Facebook page and grew to over 3,000 fans.  The Peninsula Progress, a new independent start up weekly print newspaper, is home to a recap of our weekly news. While we will keep our presence on both of those mediums, the time has come for ESC to launch into a larger forum so a larger audience can participate in keeping up with ….. Everything South City.

ESC, local hook ups by local folks.


From our Facebook Page ‘About’

Everything South City is South San Francisco’s #1 GO TO for local news & views online, an exceptional information sharing resource for those in South City. 100% volunteer efforts make this amazing creation available to our community for free. Outreach includes our website www.EverythingSouthCity.com, our Facebook page, and our weekly digest which recaps the week’s articles with wonderful archives. We have also enjoyed a column in the local Peninsula Progress Newspaper. ESC was established in 2009 in response to the community hunger for information in real time and has grown organically by word of mouth. Recent stats showed over 121,000 folks were reached in one week’s time. We have added a sister Facebook page ‘South City Sales’ for those who want to share sales, trades, etc along with lost and found pet information. A classified section is in the works for our website as well.

We are community driven and share information from local neighbors with local neighbors while working to cover as much as possible with our schools, our businesses, developments, clubs, churches, police activity, city council and planning commission updates. We welcome locals to share information by posting or messaging on our FB page or emails to EverythingSouthCity@gmail.com Anonymity is respected when requested through private message or emails.

We host regular GAME ON contests which help foster fun interaction among neighbors with some neat prizes ranging from local coffee gift certificates to gift baskets with luxury items from local businesses. While Everything South City pays for 95% of these prizes we do encourage local businesses to get involved, it is a great way to promote your business and help us out too! In addition Everything South City is now offering limited advertising to local small businesses. Rates start as low as $100 month and our stats show we have reached over 121,000 in a week. Contact us for more information at EverythingSouthCity@gmail.com

*We also gladly accept donations through our paypal account on our website www.EverythingSouthCity.com. Monies help to defray some of the operating costs associated with this endeavor and are greatly appreciated.

As the founder of Everything South City it has been my privilege to have a rotating group of administrative assistants who have helped moderater our FB page. In addition we have a group of diverse local folks who act as our ‘Board’ and help suss out policy issues. Thank you for being a part of our community, online and in real life.

Best to all,

Kamala Silva Wolfe, Founder & Editor
PO Box 852 SSF 94083

RULES & REGS At the administrator’s discretion;
* Posers, trolls, meanies, and/or haters maybe banned from this page
* Profanity filters may be lifted on some posts
* Posts deemed to be inappropriate may be deleted
(in 4+ yrs only 1 ban and a handful of deletes were imposed; we work hard to keep this page open to all that can be respectful)
*Facebook states users must be 13 and over

Disclaimer: Nothing is official or confirmed – only community volunteers offering stuff that comes through. Objects may look larger in your rear view mirror and do not read on an empty stomach. – Ed.