Limebike Launches In South San Francisco

August 9, 2017

South San Francisco, CA   August 9, 2017  Press Release LIMEBIKE

Bay Area company will deploy 300 dockless bikes during a South City rollout starting this week

Photo: City of SSF


SAN FRANCISCO – August 8, 2017 – LimeBike, the country’s leading dockless bike share operator, shared today that it will begin to roll out  a new program in South San Francisco this week.


The San Mateo-based company plans on deploying 300 bikes in South San Francisco starting this week, aiming to provide community members and commuters with a new mobility option.


The final permit was issued to LimeBike last week.


“We’re a Bay Area company, so it’s particularly exciting that bikes will soon be deployed in South San Francisco,” said Toby Sun, CEO and co-founder of LimeBike. “We hope the pilot program is just the beginning, and we plan on moving farther north. We believe a regional approach to bike sharing service enhances overall mobility for the area and we have applied for permits to operate in San Francisco as well, and are working closely with city officials and the Board of Supervisors to launch bikes under new regulations issued last month.”


LimeBike has been working closely with area businesses and local public transit authority to integrate the program in the most effective way which can best serve the community.

Julie Chimenti speaks with reporters about this new project.
Photo: City of SSF



“In South San Francisco we are willing to pilot, experiment, and create partnerships with innovative companies like LimeBike and its bike share program to provide active transportation options that can reduce driving alone and encourage a healthier lifestyle,” added Justin Lovell, Public Works Administrator for the City of South San Francisco.


Justin Lovell speaks with reporters about this new offering in SSF
Photo: City of SSF


LimeBike is currently currently operating in South Bend, Indiana; Seattle, Washington; Greensboro, North Carolina; Key Biscayne, Florida; South Lake Tahoe, California; Dallas, Texas; and with cities to follow.


LimeBike offers pay-as-you-go rides costing just $1 per 30-minute time block, and all bikes are GPS and 3G enabled, making it simple for riders to find, unlock, and ride via the official app. Self-activating locks eliminates the time and hassle of having to return bikes to a docking station. When finished, riders simply lock the bike where they want to leave it and see the ride’s final statistics instantly in the app.


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3 Responses to Limebike Launches In South San Francisco

  1. ellen R
    August 9, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    drove by Grand Ave. No limebikes, only orange bikes.

    • Editor
      August 9, 2017 at 1:54 pm


      Thank you for mentioning the orange bikes as many others have done so on our social media. The orange bikes are indeed bikes as you said, and are part of a pilot program. Here is more info from TECH CRUNCH HERE

      We were also curious about the differences in both bike share programs and found this article in the GEEKWIRE CLICK HERE to offer some interesting points worthy of sharing.

      Thank you for your comment bringing this up.

  2. Kathryn van de Kamp
    September 23, 2017 at 10:49 pm

    These bikes are littering the streets of South San Francisco. People renting and riding the bikes are dumping them on private property and abandoning them, tipped over, at bus stops and in the middle of the sidewalks. I am very concerned about SSF Public Works Administrator Justin Lovell’s decision to support LimeBike. I encourage SSF residents to file complaints to the city about this invasive bike issue.

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